Old Fashioned week is nearly upon us!

We love a good Old Fashioned, that simple yet elegant elixir that can get an party started. And, in great news for all lovers of the Whiskey cocktail (and Whisky, given the many variations on the recipe, not to mention rum, tequila…) Old Fashioned week is set to return on 1 November.

The celebrations take place from 1-10 November, and the aim of the week is to celebrate all things great about the true OG cocktail, developed in the 1800s as a classic mix of spirit, sugar, water and bitters. Bartenders around the world will be putting their own unique spin on the drink, having a chance to show their flair for creativity and pushing the boundaries of what an Old Fashioned can be. Now in its fourth year, it has launched this year with ambassadors in 13 international zones.

Bars across the world will be taking part in the week, and will offer discounts, free tastings, and many other offers. To see the list of bars participating, and to see what offers are available, check out the Old Fashioned Week website, or, to get the party started at home, check out a recipe to make your own Old Fashioned below!

This year, the standard is raised even higher as Old Fashioned Cocktail Week launches a challenge to bartenders and bars to create the best Old Fashioned in the world – whether that be classic, a contemporary spin, or an off-the-wall, avant garde creation! The video based competition is open to professional bartenders who can apply at www.old-fashioned-week.com, and must submit their entries before 30 November. Results for the competition will be announced on 15 January 2019, and more information can be found on the website or on Twitter at @OldFWeek.

Classic Old Fashioned cocktail recipe

We have written the recipe below in parts, so that you can make a bigger portion if you want. 1 part below refers to one 25ml shot

Glass: old fashioned / tumbler / rocks glass (any short glass will do)
– 2 parts spirit. Choose bourbon (we love to use Bulleit for a good and well priced bourbon) / rum / rye whiskey / Scotch whisky / cognac
– 2 dashes of ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters
– 1 sugar cube (or half a shot of sugar syrup (dissolve one part sugar in one part water)
– 1 sliver of orange zest
– 1 Toschi Amarena cherry
Muddle the bitters and sugar with a splash of soda or flat water for 1 minute in the glass.
Add the spirit and fill the glass with ice. Give it a stir and garnish with the orange zest and cherry.

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