Olfactor-y Gins land in style!

The gin market. A bit more juniper here, a bit more citrus there. It’s hard to come up with something new.

So it takes something pretty outstanding to wow us nowadays, and That Boutique-y Gin company always stand ready to amaze. With their new range of Olfactor-y gins (sticking with their cheeky branding), they do just that. The new range of four unique gins evoke the feelings of fresh rain, a walk through the woods, a day at the fairground, and even the dusty pyramids and the pharaohs that lie within.

Picture the scene – you find yourself alone in the woods, twigs snapping under your feet, the heavy scent of moss and pine in your nose. With botanicals like pine needles, Icelandic moss, cubeb and woody nutmeg, the ‘Beware of the Woods Gin’  brings these scents to life.

Suddenly, there is a loud rumble in the sky, and rain starts to fall. The smell of petrichor, the scent of rain on dry earth, fills the air. You feel refreshed, and a sip of the ‘Fresh Rain Gin’ will take you right there, with botanicals like earthy golden beetroot, bentonite clay, evoking grass, pine needles, wet leaves and lemon.

As the sky clears, you break through the woodlands and hear music, laughter, the sounds of bells and whistles. This is where the ‘Big Dipper Gin‘, a true fairground of delights, comes in. With a taste and smell evoking the feel of wandering around the fairground with sweets in one hand and the shriek of machinery in your ears, this gin is made with cocoa, cardamom, juniper, liquid smoke and peated malt. If you close your eyes it really feels like you are waiting excitedly to get on a funfair ride, and we loved it.

As you make your way through the fairground, an ominous exhibit catches your eye. Roll up, roll up to see the Dead King, says an eyeless man on the poster. You walk into a dusty room, and propped up against the wall is a sarcophagus, ancient hieroglyphs covering its surface. It is quiet in the dark room, and suddenly the casket opens….

And inside, instead of a decomposing mummy, is the Dead King Gin‘. Inspired by the Egyptian art of embalming, Dead King Gin is made using rosemary, honey and plethora of exotic herbs and spices that suggest myrrh, moss, caraway, ginger and beeswax. It is at once musty, herby, and enchanting, transporting you to your own archaeological adventure.

We are really excited about these gins, and loved tasting them! If you are looking for a truly original gift for that gin lover in your life who has it all, check out the Boutique-y Gin website for more information and suggested serves, and buy the gins exclusively at Harvey Nichols. Have fun on your gin journey!

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