Casa Sugarlandia – a jaunt into the Philippines in the heart of Shoreditch

Something has been brewing in Shoreditch in the past few weeks, and we ain’t talking about the Truman Brewery. Don Papa rum have brought the feel of the Philippines to London for an immersive island experience known as Casa Sugarlandia that unites tropical rum cocktails, banging asian food and all things weird and wonderful together until 8th June.

Entry is free so go along now to try some delicious cocktails!

Don’t know Don Papa? This Filipino rum is the first small-batch rum from the Philippines. Distilled and aged for over seven years in American oak barrels on the island of Negros Occidental (known locally as Sugarlandia), the pure, original Noble cane is the foundation for Don Papa Rum’s long, rich-textured finish and flavours of vanilla, honey and candied fruits.


Casa Sugarlandia runs from 22nd May to 8th June, taking over a two-storey venue on Shoreditch’s Great Eastern Street, revamped as a fully set-designed space, offering Londoners a spectacular taste of the island of Sugarlandia in the Philippines via some of its customs, flavours and flora.

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Check out the event listings below for more information and to grab tickets to any of the events!

While the programme changes weekly, there are some mainstays, and those with a penchant for Karaoke will be able to jump on the microphone, Filipino-style each week.  Invented in the Philippines in 1973, Karaoke comes to the Casa on Thursdays. For those on the shy side or simply hoping to coax out their alter egos, there’s also the option to don a mask to spare their blushes and truly let loose. This isn’t your regular sing along, but Masked Karaoke, Sugarlandia style.


These guys know how to do a garnish. Photo: Drinking Twins

The in-house menu comes courtesy of a rolling roster of three chef teams each presenting their take on the flavour of the Philippines. Nicknamed “Asia’s last secret cuisine”, Filipino food upholds rich flavours and displays a wide range of culinary techniques emanating from the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines. BBQ chefs SARAP line up alongside London supper club chefs Mae Williams and The Adobros.


Getting papped enjoying one of the Don’s tasty cocktails. Photo: Don Papa

There will also be two, ticketed supper club experiences at Casa Sugarlandia. Mae Williams brings her authentic flavours for a five-course menu (28th May) whilst The Adobros present their distinct culinary classics (4th June). Both menus will include a complimentary Don Papa cocktail and the rum as an ingredient in a selection of dishes.

On another night, concoctions will be served with exquisitely edible sugar-spun garnishes designed by the artist Fernando La Posse showcasing the provenance of the unique Filipino sugar used to make Don Papa.

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Each week will see a well-known Filipino chef take over the dining space Downstairs at Casa Sugarlandia. Come and enjoy the much talked about cuisine of BBQ and Lechon masters Sarap London and supper club favourite The Adobros and Mae Williams.

SARAP London // 23-25 May
Food with Mae // 30 May – 1 June
The Adobros // 6-8 June

28 May // Mae Williams Filipino Supper Club 
A sumptuous five-course ‘Dinner of the Dons’ menu featuring complimentary Don Papa cocktail on arrival.
Tickets > HERE 

4 June // The Adobros Filipino Supper Club 
A sumptuous five-course ‘Dinner of the Dons’ menu featuring complimentary Don Papa cocktail on arrival.
Tickets > HERE 


Masked Karaoke – Free Entry 
Masked Karaoke is a fun and fast-paced karaoke night every Thursday at Casa Sugarlandia, but with a masked twist. 23 May is hosted by the colourful, carnivalesque and transgressive collective Sink the Pink!

23 May – Hosted by Sink the Pink 
30 May – Hosted by Tamara dos Santos 

6 June – Hosted by Tamara dos Santos

Don Papa Bar of Masks Party – Free Entry 
FREE entry to meet the Don of Tattoos, Maestro of Masks, Babaylan of Sugarlandia and other masked creatures. Choose from a beautiful selection of masks to become your Sugarlandia alter ego for the night. Top Ibiza DJ Looka Barbi on decks.
22 May 

Don Papa Cocktail Masterclass 
The Don of Cocktails is in town, ready to host a Don Papa Cocktail Masterclass. This is a Sugarlandia-inspired insight into the world of Don Papa and its island home of Negros, in the Philippines. Proceedings start with a welcome drink of the delicious Darker Don, followed by a tasting of the family of four Don Papa Rums and more.
25th May & 1st June // Tickets > HERE 

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